Why is there Oil in my Goodman Unit? - Ask the Expert Episode 155

Sometimes weird things happen. Like finding oil in the bottom of your Goodman unit. Well, there are a few reasons this could be happening.

Video Script:

Today we're in a canyon, somewhere in the desert. I couldn't tell you where. That said, we're still getting all kinds of questions. Today's question comes from Don.

"Hey Dan, why is there oil in the bottom of my Goodman unit?"

That's a good question. It's probably because someone spilled their tanning lotion inside. That's all. Just kidding. It really could have just been some mess up in the factory and one of the workers spilled some oil and it didn't get cleaned. It could be that the motor is leaking oil. What would do is clean it, and if it comes back, then it is probably from your unit, so you should probably get it checked out.

Also, if the unit bursts into flames, that's also a good sign that there is something wrong with the unit.

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