Can I Get a Packaged Air Conditioner With a Heat Strip? - Ask the Expert 363

Can I get a packaged air conditioner with a heat strip? What do you think, Dan? Can I?

First off, what the heck is a heat strip, Dan?

A heat strip is a component of an HVAC system that provides supplemental heating. It consists of electric heating elements that generate warmth when activated. It serves as a backup or emergency heating source when the primary heating system is not sufficient to meet the heating demands. The heat strip is designed to provide quick and localized heat when needed, ensuring comfort during extremely cold weather conditions.

Wait a minute... Explain like I'm 5, Dan...

Imagine you have a special blanket that you can turn on when you feel cold. This blanket has special electric wires inside that warm up when you switch it on. These wires give off heat. Well, a heat strip is like that special blanket, but for your HOUSE! Does that help, little buddy?!

Phew.. now I understand! So, do they come with packaged air conditioners?

Absolutely! These types of units are known as heat pump packaged units. And these come with some amazing benefits!

Year round comfort! It seamlessly transitions between providing cool air during summer and cozy warmth during colder months!

Efficient Heating and Cooling! These are your cost effective choice because of their energy efficiency.

Backup Heating Capability! Packaged A.C. with heat strips come with an electric heat strip, which acts as a supplemental heating source when extra warmth is needed.

Space-Saving Solution! These units are compact saving you so much space!

To conclude, consider the size, capacity, and energy efficiency ratings that best suit your needs. It is recommended to consult with an HVAC professional to ensure you choose the appropriate system for your specific requirements!

Thanks, Dan!

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