What are the refrigerant requirements for the multi zone pro kit? Ask The Expert Video Episode 277

For the Multi Zone Pro Kits. Is the difficulty primarily around the refrigerant? If I were capable to hang the units, run the piping to the condenser, and have an HVAC guy charge it. Is it possible, or am I missing a step? The part that requires the most training for mutli zone installation is dealing with refrigerant. You're not supposed to do anything with refrigerant unless you have EPA certification and have the right tools. Sometimes contractors are okay with people doing the rough work, like setting the unit on a pad, or connecting the ductwork. And then the pro comes in, connects the lines, and charges the refrigerant. So if you can find and HVAC contractor who's fine with that, then that's a possibility for you. If not, then go to HVAC school.

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