What Refrigerants Mix with R-22? - Ask the Expert Episode 160

R-22 is an old and outdated refrigerant, but a lot of people still have it in their systems. What should you do when it's time to top it off?

Video Script:

Today's question comes from Gerald. He asks, "Hey Dan, what refrigerants can I mix with the R-22 Freon in my home system? I only need a pound or two to top it off."

We actually recommend that you not mix refrigerants. At all. Ever. It's usually bad. Some people do it, but they are not supposed to. If you need a top-off and your system is using R-22, you could have a technician come out and recover the R-22 and put in a new refrigerant that will work with your system because R-22 is really expensive.

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