Is Regular HVAC Maintenance Worth It? - Ask the Expert 347

Today's question comes from someone who wants to know if regular HVAC maintenance is worth it? Good thing the expert is here to help!


Visit for all of your H.V.A.C. and water equipment needs. The expert demands it!

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  • Steve L
    Steve L
    Posted on 4/18/2023

    Great job your videos!!!

  • Tom Boris
    Tom Boris
    Posted on 3/29/2023

    Hey Dan, great job.... love the videos!

  • Ernest
    Posted on 3/28/2023

    Hey! You are doing a great job-thanks

  • Michael
    Posted on 3/28/2023

    Ha! I live in Mississippi and I still thought that was pretty funny ? !
    Just for the record though, small town MS (<30K people) HVAC guys charge a minimum of $140 to come out for a service call. YouTube HVAC maintenance and DIY is my philosophy!

  • David Nunes
    David Nunes
    Posted on 3/28/2023

    Hey Dan you are doing a great job. Ok bye

  • Gary B
    Gary B
    Posted on 3/28/2023

    Hey Dan! You have a fan here in Grandview, Missouri, keep it up!

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