Is it Safe to Use the Water From Your Dehumidifier? - Ask the Expert 350

While it is not safe to drink the water from your dehumidifier, there are some ways to put it to good use!

At first glance, it may seem safe to drink the water from your dehumidifier. After all, it came from the air, right? To put it simply, DO NOT DRINK THE WATER! The elements of the dehumidifier can collect unsavory things like dust, bacteria, and mold. This will contaminate the water when it makes contact with the coils. Doesn't sound like a refreshing drink to me! However, there are many ways you CAN utilize your dehumidifier water! You can use the water for cleaning! When was the last time you scrubbed your floors? Or your shower/tub? Sink? Just mix with your favorite cleaner, and it will kill any bacteria, so you can feel confident you won't be spreading any germs! You can water the plants! Keep forgetting to water that plant you bought?? Well, we're here to remind you to do it now! And go ahead and use the collected water from your dehumidifier. Just don't use it on edible plants which can soak up any contaminants. You can iron your clothes! Fill your steam iron and get rid of those wrinkles! There are a couple of ways to use it with your car! You can fill the radiator. It's actually better to use than tap water which contains harmful mineral buildup. You can also wash the car! Again, without the mineral buildup, you may have fewer water spots left behind from air dryin. And finally, you can really double-down on water conservation by using it to refill your toilet tank! After flushing, simply refill the tank with the dehumidifier water to save approximately 1.6 gallons per flush! In conclusion, YES, it's safe to use just definitely not for drinking!
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Can you use a filtered water to make this work I did not here anything on this the filter removed 99.9 pure water
Rebekah Quarles
We cannot recommend drinking water from your dehumidifier.
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