Is There a Way to Save Money While Running the A.C.? Ask the Expert 355

Are there ways to save money while running the air conditioner? Luckily, Dan has some cool savings tips to beat the heat!

We all love the comfort of air conditioning, but it can lead to increasing energy bills. But don't panic! Here are some tips to stay cool without breaking the bank!

Use ceiling fans! They are efficient, and create a gentle breeze that helps circulate the air in a room. You can raise the thermostat temperature a few degrees while still feeling comfortable. It allows the a.c. to work less, reducing energy consumption and saving you $$$.

Set the temperature wisely! Set the temperature at a comfortable level without overworking your a.c. It will help lower your bill.

Buy a Programmable Thermostat! Program your a.c. to run less when you're away from home or during the night.

Take advantage of Natural Ventilation! Make the most of cool breezes during the night. Open windows strategically to create a cross-ventilation effect. Ceiling fans can help circulate the air.

Use Blackout Curtains! By minimizing heat gain, you'll lessen the workload on your a.c.

And finally, always Maintain your A.C.! Maintenance is crucial for optimal performance and energy efficiency. Clean or replace filters. Keep the outdoor unit free from debris.

In conclusion, beating the heat doesn't have to drain your wallet! Try out these money-saving tips this summer. Stay cool while keeping your energy bills under control.

Thanks, Dan!

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  • Ethan
    Posted on 5/30/2023

    what steps should be taken when changing a R22 system to R290?

  • Rebekah Quarles
    Rebekah Quarles from Ingrams
    Posted on 6/21/2023

    Please contact your HVAC professional, or give us a call at 270-575-9595.

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