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What happens when you press the "self clean" button on the MrCool DIY?

Ever wondered what happens when you press the "self clean" button? It turns into a human car wash! Sprays you with soap, rinses you, and has many hair dryers to dry you! No... Dan, why don't you tell us what really happens! In a nutshell, pressing that "Self Clean" button isn't just a routine task... it's your ticket to a cleaner, healthier and more efficient living space. The air conditioner will automatically clean and dry the evaporator and keep it fresh for the next operation. Here's what to expect: Gentle Fan Operation - The low-speed fan circulates air, ensuring every nook and cranny of the indoor unit is attended with care. Moisture Evaporation - The system dries the coil, effectively eliminating moisture. This is crucial for preventing mold and mildew. This is not just for your comfort, but also your health! Air Quality Boost - The "Self Clean" mode contributes to improved air quality by reducing the likelihood of allergens and contaminants. Efficiency - By keeping the the handler clean and dry, the system operates at its peak performance, ensuring you enjoy optimal cooling with minimal energy consumption. So go ahead, press it! Let your MrCool DIY create an atmosphere that goes beyond cool!
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John Akagi
I did wonder about that function. Thanks for answering that question. My Mr Cool is cooling, heating and drying a 1200 sqft shop where I clean sawdust and metal grinding dust from the filter regularly, but I think it would be good to do the self clean function. Magnolia, Tx
Harvey Griffin
When should you use the Turbo button? .
How long does it take to run the self clean cycle
what does Turbo do and why would you use it.
Can this also be used in the winter months and about how often should I use the self clean option?
Shannon Truelove
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