Should I Use an Infrared Thermometer to Measure Air from a Vent? - Ask the Expert Episode 224

Today's question comes from is from Kurt. "My infrared thermometer is reading thirty-five degrees coming out of my air conditioning vent into the living room. Is that possible or is my infrared thermometer not reading properly, or is it not calibrated properly?"

So, unless you've got a really, really, really different kind of air conditioner, it's probably not putting our thirty-five degree temperatures at the vent. That would be like meat locker or freezer.

I don't really think that an infrared thermometer is the right tool for HVAC equipment. You could just go down to a hardware store and ask for an HVAC thermometer. You can get them for like ten bucks and that's all you need.

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  • Dan M
    Dan M
    Posted on 9/9/2020

    As an engineer, working in the GOM oil fields, I used infrared temp sensors at the supply vents in once per hour checks. The boat had several different types of A/C systems installed; everything from mini-splits to chill water systems. 50 guys +/- on an old 250 ft. boat. Laser temp guns (as I call them) are the norm in the Gulf. Heck, I use one for cooking! I'd look for anything south of 60 Farenheit (that's long for "F"). I love Dan's videos!!

  • Raymond
    Posted on 8/21/2020

    This guy is fn hilarious. Learned what I needed to, now I just watch his videos for a laugh

  • John
    Posted on 8/18/2020

    If you aim an inferred at the internal coil I have seen 20 degrees fahren​height. ​o​f course, that's not the air temp.

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