What Size Unit Should I Get? - Ask the Expert Episode 271

Today's question is from Gustavo Cortez.

"Hey Dan, what size HVAC system should I get and how do I know?"

He's got one contractor telling him he needs a 3.5 ton AC and others telling him he needs a 3-ton unit. And it gets up to 115 degrees where he is in California.

First off, no one can give you an opinion about what is right. They only way you're going to know exactly what you need is if you get somebody to do a manual J load calculation on your house. Some heating and air contractors will do it or you could get an engineer.

Now, something to consider is that there isn't a big difference between 3.5 tons and 3 tons. And with the kind of heat you get in California, I would go with the 3.5 tons because it won't be so much more tonnage that you have to worry about it. Make sure it's variable speed and a DC converter that can cycle up like the MrCool Universal.

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  • Alex macias
    Alex macias
    Posted on 8/23/2021

    Very informative , thanks.

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