What is a Split System? - Ask the Expert Episode 113

Not sure what the difference between a split system and a conventional system is? Our expert, Dan Danowski, explains.

Video Script:

Oh hey, welcome to Ask the Expert, I'm the expert, Dan Danowski here to answer all your heating and air conditioning questions.

Our first question is from Mike in Providence, Rhode Island. "Hey Dan, what's a split system?"

A split system is a very common kind of central air conditioning and heating system that you're going to find all over these glorious and beautiful United States from sea to shining sea hallelujah. It's got at least two different parts. You've got the condenser outside, which is the big square box. Then the inside part is the air handler. And you're going to run refrigerant lines and communicating wires to the air handler. They are going to work together, but they're split up.

You can add a furnace in to your split system for more heating, or you can leave the furnace out.

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