Should I Switch to Geothermal? - Ask the Expert Episode 122

Is it a good idea to switch to geothermal air conditioning if your monthly bill is already low? Our expert Dan Danowski has the answer.

Video Script:

Oh hey, welcome to Ask the Expert. I'm the expert, Dan Danowski with The question comes from Duffy in South Carolina: I own a house in South Carolina, but we only visit a few times a year. I spend $40 per month on the air conditioning to keep from getting mold and mildew. I'm interested in possibly going to geothermal. Would this be a good fit and make sense economically?

Ok, so $40 is cheap. That's a really low electric bill. So, if you get a geothermal, you could save money, but it's probably not going to make enough to make a difference. Even if you save 10%, that's like $4. If you save 25%, which is big, that's like $10. So like if you run it for 400 years, maybe you'll make enough to make sense of it. No, I think you're good, you're doing ok. I know my neighbors would murder a hobo to get that.

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  • Marcus Miller
    Marcus Miller
    Posted on 8/21/2018

    Great video Dan.
    Keep up the good work.
    You have to keep the payback in mind when considering upgrading.

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