Does the Vogelzang TR001B Defender Steel Wood Stove Have an Ash Pan? - Ask the Expert Episode 207

"Does the Vogelzang TR001B Defender Steel Wood Stove have an ash pan?"

Cleaning and maintaining a wood stove can be a tedious job. The ash hole in the bottom of this Vogelzang TR001B stove with the easy to use ash pan make the task of cleaning the stove on a regular basis effortless and simple.

The Vogelzang TR001B Defender is a wood stove that we carry. You burn logs in it. You shouldn't burn other stuff in it though, like newspapers or trash you got from the dump. No, you should just put logs in it and make sure they are aged properly.

But yes, it does have an ash pan because you burn wood and that makes ash. You have to get it out of there somehow. I guess you could just scoop it out with a shovel.

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