Why Do You Want a MRCOOL DIY?

This is Ron Crapman from CraptasticAC.com, and I want you to buy an air conditioner. Like this nice piece of work: the Bostwick 9000. One hundred percent manufactured and assembled right here across the sea in North Korea. It's 45 percent non-toxic, mostly fungal-free guaranteed. Every shipment. It's a real killer. Real killer.

But hey, maybe you're not a risk-taker. Maybe you say, "Hey Ron, I want a unit that meets current federal health and safety standards. Does the Bostiwick 9000 meet those?"

No it does not! Because the people at Bostwick, real Americans, are thinking outside the box you put yourself in. So, if you're the kind of weirdo who doesn't want to take the chance on a frankly dangerous unit like the Bostwick 9000, head on over to MRCOOLDIY.com.

Because, off the record, MRCOOL DIY units are great. They have everything: efficiency, performance, comfort, easy to install. I would get one myself, but I owe Lenny Bostwick a ton of Texas hardtack from stuff we did back in the day.

Unlike all the crap I sell, the MRCOOL DIY comes with actual warranty and technical support. If you call us, I won't even answer. I'm just going to hang up on you. So, use the link below to go to MRCOOLDIY.com. Get yourself a great unit. Get it installed easily, simply, affordably. Or get the Bostwick 9000 and take life in your own hands because that is exactly what you would be doing. It is risky. I would not buy one. I'm really afraid to be this close to it. I don't even know where they got this.

I don't care. Life is a cauldron of pain and we're just the pineapple stewing in the juices. Let's read some real reviews. From real people. Like this one from Ron Crapma-- er Glon Trapman.

"Hey, where's my wallet?"

Want to read a MRCOOL DIY review? Here's one. "Super quiet inside and out. Cools quietly."

Well, gee, that's swell if you like safety and efficiency and performance. Anyway, I bet you're ready to head over to MRCOOLDIY.com right now to get yourself a MRCOOL DIY. Or you can stay here and get the Bostwick 9000. Live the dream. Maybe die at night. I don't know what's going to happen. That's how I like to live my life.

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