Where Does the Water from my Condensate Drain Go? - Ask the Expert Episode 211

"To where does the condensate pump remove the condensation?"

Okay, what they're talking about is like say you've got a mini-split and you've got the air handler, you might want to get a condensate pump to put inside the air handler so that the water comes out.

Maybe you couldn't use the gravity of the condensate drain because you had to have it sloped weird or you wanted to put the air handler in the basement or something. In that case, yeah, you would want to get a condensate pump to get the water out of the air handler so you doesn't overflow and run down your walls.

Where does the water go? Outside your house. That's the best place. Outside and on the ground.

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  • Lisa
    Posted on 5/16/2020

    You are funny. I bet you know that. I just happened in your error video.

  • Kyle
    Kyle from Ingrams
    Posted on 5/18/2020

    Thank you!

  • Harvey Griffin
    Harvey Griffin
    Posted on 5/5/2020

    If this is a normal problem the unit should come with a condensate pump

  • Kyle
    Kyle from Ingrams
    Posted on 5/6/2020

    This is not a typical problem for a ductless mini-split. Most do not need a condensate pump.

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