What's the Difference Between a MrCool DIY First Gen and a Second Gen? - Ask the Expert Episode 157

Technology advances at a rapid pace, so it can be hard to keep up with which generation of product is the latest. With the MRCOOL DIY, however, it is pretty simple to figure it out.

Video Script:

Today's question is from Brad. He asks: "I'm looking at getting a MRCOOL DIY. How can I tell the difference between the first generation and the second generation unit?

So, the second generation units recently came out. They come with the new MRCOOL Smart Controller, which is a new and better way to interact with your unit using your home wifi and smartphone.

When purchasing, you will want to look at the product number. The new generation will have an "AE" at the end of it. The older generation units will have just an "A" at the end of the product number.

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  • Pohan Leu
    Pohan Leu
    Posted on 4/30/2019

    Just ordered a DIY 24k on feb 22 and just looked at my compressor outside and it ends in only A. Am I missing out a lot other than the smart controller from the second generation?? ?

  • Kyle
    Kyle from Ingrams
    Posted on 4/30/2019

    As far as we know, the only difference between the A and AE products is the Smart Controller (which was not available on Feb 22). Also, the AE product is priced slightly higher.

  • Thomas Knuepfel
    Thomas Knuepfel
    Posted on 5/21/2019

    Is there any difference in the way one "rolls" up the excess coil or line from the wall unit to the condenser? I have about 18 feet of rolled up line (horizontally) sitting under my condenser. (diameter about 30 inches) Would it be better to keep this roll wound vertically behind the condenser unit? or does it make any difference...Thanks

  • Kyle
    Kyle from Ingrams
    Posted on 5/22/2019

    The guys in our tech department say it doesn't make a huge difference. Don't put it behind the condenser if it obstructs air flow though.

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