Where Should You Put Your Dehumidifier? Ask the Expert 351

Where should you put your dehumidifier? Good thing the expert is here to help!

Without a doubt, you want to put it near the primary source of moisture! If you can't figure out where that is, don't worry. Because having a dehumidifier somewhere in the house is better than not having one at all! Just make sure you leave plenty of space around the dehumidifier for proper airflow! So, what spaces usually have moisture? Basements. High humidity in basements is a common scenario. Due to the high humidity from the surrounding soil, the walls are susceptible to water seepage. Washers and water heaters are often located in basements, and they can build up moisture. Bathrooms. After a long hot shower, your bathroom can be a sauna without proper ventilation. If your bathroom does not have an exhaust fan, a dehumidifier is perfect here! Just make sure you don't get the unit WET. You can damage it. So do not use it while you're showering. Kitchens. Dishwashers, refrigerators, cooking, and the kitchen sink all can release a lot of moisture! These are the three common areas! But what are some other spaces? Living rooms. Bedrooms. Crawlspace. Garage. Attic. In conclusion, anywhere with high humidity is a good space for your dehumidifier. Just remember to leave enough room around the unit for proper airflow!
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