Will a Dual Fuel System Work with Radiant Heating? - Ask the Expert Episode 134

Setting up a dual fuel heating system with radiant heating might not be the best combination. Other options may be more efficient.

Video Script:

This question comes from Dan in Montana. "Hey Dan, a dual fuel package system seems like the way to go in Montana since twenty degrees below zero is not uncommon. We are planning radiant floor heating. Do you foresee any problems with dual fuel and radiant?"

A dual fuel package system has a heat pump and a gas furnace. So, you use the heat pump when it's cooler weather. When it gets really cold, you turn on the gas furnace part. Radiant flooring is a little different. I've never heard of using radiant flooring with a package unit dual fuel. It's technically possible, but that would be very unusual.

Usually for a radiant floor you would use like a geothermal hydronic system. Or you would just use under the floor wires for electrical heating.

If you're going to get a dual fuel package unit, just get some air ducts and use conventional systems. They're really good. You could also have radiant flooring at the same time, they just wouldn't be connected to the dual fuel part. You would just have a separate radiant system that you can turn on.

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  • Gene Meeks
    Gene Meeks
    Posted on 11/22/2018

    How does the duel fuel system work? Does the gas system kick in automatically and if so when, at set outside temperatures or when.

  • Kyle
    Kyle from Ingrams
    Posted on 11/26/2018

    Most systems automatically switch to using the furnace when the outside temperature drops to a specific point. The homeowner typically does not have to do anything to activate the furnace.

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