What Will Happen with My R-22 Unit in 2020? - Ask the Expert Episode 173

There are some big changes for R-22 coming to the HVAC world in 2020. Are you ready?

Video Script:

"Hey Dan, due to the fact that R-22 is being removed from the market in 2020, what will we be able to replace it with, and will it require any changes to our air conditioner?"

In case you don't know, R-22 is a refrigerant, just the stuff that goes inside the coils of the air conditioner to move the heat around. And it's going away in 2020.

The problem is, people are still going to have R-22 units. They can keep using them. They don't have to take the R-22 out, but if it gets a leak or something and they need more R-22 then what do they do? Well, there are going to be R-22 replacements. But there is a catch.

Your unit is probably not warrantied for R-22 replacement, because they are slightly different refrigerants. So, putting in a replacement is probably going to void your warranty. However, if you have an R-22 unit, it might be older, so it might be out of warranty anyway.

The other thing to keep in mind is that most of the replacements can't be added to R-22. So, if you need more refrigerant, you have to have someone to evacuate the entire system and replace it with the R-22 replacement. It's not like adding more chocolate to chocolate. It's more like adding turpentine to chocolate, and we all know that would be bad.

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