Is A Wood Stove Safe for My Home? - Ask the Expert Episode 129

Is a wood stove safe? Yes, don't worry, heating with a wood stove is a very safe way to keep your house warm in the winter. It will only be dangerous if you don't follow certain safety rules.

Video Script:

Today's question comes from Brad in Michigan. He says, "Hey Dan, I was looking at the Vogelzang wood stove on I really like the idea of using a wood stove, but are they safe?"

A new modern wood stove is pretty safe. They are made of plate steel. They have a cast iron flue collar. They are made to not burn your house down. One thing you need to be careful of is disposing of the ashes. If you burn wood all day you're going to have a lot of ashes built up and you'll have to clean that out. Don't just dump that in your trash. That's actually a really good way to start a fire. Your trash could ignite on fire and you will be known to your neighbors at that point.

So, make sure you dispose of the ashes properly and make sure you have a good, dry place to store the wood. And just use some common sense safety precautions and it's going to be perfectly fine.

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