Should I Be Worried About a Mini Split's Condensate in the Winter? - Ask the Expert Episode 133

Kevin wants to know what in the world you're supposed to do with a mini split's condensate in the winter. Won't it freeze?

Video Script:

So, the question comes from Kevin on the internet. "Hey Dan, I just got a ductless mini split heat pump installed. Is there a concern about the condensate in the tubing freezing in the winter?"

Simply put, no, there shouldn't be a concern. When you're running the air conditioning and it's cooling, you're going to have condensation. That's when you will need the drain for the condensate. If it's winter, however, you're going to be running the heat. There shouldn't be any condensate building up in the air handler when it's heating. If it does, then there's something wrong because there shouldn't be any water in it. You should definitely get the unit serviced if it does.

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