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An Oklahoma company that was founded in Florida and briefly located in New York, ClimateMaster is a leading domestic geothermal heat pump developer and manufacturer. Despite how much they’ve moved around, ClimateMaster has yet to move significant operations outside of the United States. They maintain a 510,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Oklahoma City, and continue to invest in U.S.-patented technologies, domestic employees, and a national distributor network.

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  1. 3-ton-16.5-eer-climatemaster-brazed-plate-geothermal-radiant-floor-system-ha17328-01.3269
    3 Ton 16.5 EER ClimateMaster Brazed Plate Geothermal Radiant Floor System
  2. 5-ton-17.3-eer-climatemaster-brazed-plate-geothermal-radiant-floor-system-ha17331-01.3269
    5 Ton 17.3 EER ClimateMaster Brazed Plate Geothermal Radiant Floor System
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  3. 5-ton-20.3-eer-climatemaster-coaxial-geothermal-radiant-floor-system-ha17341-01.3269
    5 Ton 20.3 EER ClimateMaster Coaxial Geothermal Radiant Floor System
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