Geothermal Kits Available Now

Geothermal Kits Available Now
Installing a geothermal system can be difficult, confusing, and costly. Some geothermal systems require special tools and expert pipe installers. Some system costs can mount up to $35,000 or more. It’s time to leave those days in the past, because there are now geothermal kits to help you save time and money. These geothermal kits, backed by a 100% money-back guarantee, are ready to ship. With our geothermal kits installation is a breeze just add water and dirt, because you'll have everything else you need!

All Inclusive and Money Saving Geothermal Kits

Our complete geothermal kits feature great components. They have a Geo-Pulse non-pressurized flow center. This completely eliminates all the issues associated with conventional pressurized systems, allowing you to add the water and antifreeze solution easily at start-up without the need to use special equipment to purge the system of trapped air. The pre-insulated header manifold requires no special tools and consists of compression fittings for the ¾-inch geothermal pipe, shut ball valves, and 1 ¼-inch PVC, making the hook-up of your geothermal pipe to your flow-center an easy task, taking only 15-minutes or less. The CenFuse High Density Polyethylene Loop Pipe is exactly what you need for a closed loop ground-source system. It is durable, easy to handle, and lightweight for pain-free transport. All of our geothermal kits includes a pre-installed wireless programmable thermostat, allowing you to place it on any wall, in any room, anywhere that you want. Now that’s versatility, and with absolutely no hassle on your part. Purchase a geothermal heat pump and one of our geothermal kits and install now to insure you get a federal tax credit on your total out-of-pocket expenses, with absolutely no cap on the amount of credit you receive. Add this tax credit to the many state rebates that are available on this AHRI-approved unit and literally watch the amazing amount of savings you can qualify for increase by leaps and bounds. Basically, geothermal kits like this add peace of mind to your home. You eliminate carbon monoxide poison risks associated with conventional systems, and get great comfort. You also do right by the environment. Installing this unit in your home is equivalent to planting 750 trees or eliminating two cars worth of CO2 emissions.

Other Questions About Geothermal Kits?

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Is it possible to convert a closed loop system to a pressure free system
I'm not sure what you mean by 'pressure free' system. If you're talking about an open loop, it should be technically possible to modify a closed loop system to open loop. However, there are usually good reasons why an installation uses a closed loop as opposed to an open one.
There are 2 ways to setup a closed loop system. The first way is with a pressurized flow center pump. This type of setup requires special tools and a purge cart to make sure all of the air is out of the system. I assume this is the setup you currently have. The second way is with a non-pressurized flow center. This type of geothermal setup doesn't require the special tools. The air is purged from the system at the top of the flow center and it simply circulates the water in the closed loop piping without requiring pressurization. To answer you question, yes, you can convert a pressurized geothermal closed loop setup to a "pressure free" system by replacing some of the system components, such as the type of flow center used.
Can a non pressurized flow center be located at lower height than the heat pump? Or should the flow center always be the highest point in the system?
Dan Danowski
Ideally, it should be the highest point in the system. Should circumstance force it to be lower, you should put a one way check or solenoid valve on the outgoing side of the pump station to prevent backflow.
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