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Can my heat pump heat in really cold weather?

Air-source heat pump heat loses efficiency in low temperature weather. Are they safe to run in really cold conditions or should you rely on a furnace?

Evaporator Coil Cleaning - When Should It Happen?

Evaporator coil cleaning is an important part of regular air conditioner and heat pump maintenance. You can skip it, but it will cost you.

Split System HVAC - One brand or two?

Your split system condenser goes out, but your air handler is fine. Do you have to replace the condenser with a matching brand or can you mix it up?

Electric Heat Strips - Safe or Not?

Energy efficient heat pumps and air conditioners can accommodate electric heat strips to provide winter heating, but are they safe to use?

Air Conditioner Sizing for Residential Homes

Most people have no idea the correct HVAC tonnage for their home. Fortunately, proper air conditioner sizing is not impossible.

Air Conditioner Mold Prevention is Important

Air conditioner mold prevention is a critical part of home HVAC care. Keeping mold spores out of your HVAC system will ensure clean and safe interior air.

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