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Furnace Flue Pipes: Installation, Inspection, and Care

A furnace flue pipe removes harmful gases from your home's air. Ensure your flue pipe is properly installed, regularly inspected and adequately cared for.

Is Zoned Heating and Cooling Right for You?

A zoned HVAC system can significantly increase your energy savings. Browse a wide selection of efficient HVAC systems from Ingrams Water & Air.

Replacing Your Gas Furnace With an Electric Heat Pump

Are you looking to replace your gas furnace with an electric heat pump? We'll break down everything you'll need to consider. Contact MRCOOL to learn more!

Why Do I have a Frozen AC Unit in the Summer?

If you have a frozen AC unit, you can use a few tricks to stop it from happening. Learn how we can help you keep your AC unit running!

What Is the Best AC Temperature for Sleeping?

Sleeping at the right temperature can have many health benefits. Ingram's Water & Air can help you find an HVAC unit to achieve your ideal AC temperature!

Converting From Baseboard Heating to Forced Air

Baseboard heating and forced air are some of the most popular ways to keep a home warm, but what's the difference between them, and which one is better?

How Does an Air Handler Work?

An air handler is one of the most important parts of your home comfort system, but how exactly does it work? Learn about it by clicking here!

How Do Evaporator Coils Work?

If you've ever wondered how evaporator coils help make your home comfortable, click here to learn about one of the most important HVAC units!

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