MrCool Universal Heat Pump - Innovative Comfort

The MrCool Universal Series is an innovative and efficient complete home cooling and heating system. It is compact, powerful, and actually affordable. But what makes it so great?

Real Cooling & Real Heating

Today, everything in our lives serves more than one purpose. Our cars are not only for transportation, but they sometimes our offices, dining room and even our couch or bedroom. Our cell phone is no different. It should come as no surprise that our HVAC systems are also trying to do it all. Which brings us to the MrCool Universal Series Heat Pump.

A heat pump like the MrCool Universal is basically an air conditioner that can heat too. It can reverse its operating cycle in order to pull ambient outdoor heat inside. This allows you real flexibility. You don't have to turn on an expensive electric or gas furnace. Instead, just switch your Universal over to heat mode, and you're ready for cold weather.

However, traditionally with heat pumps, there has been a problem with low temperature heating.

More Cold, More Problems

An air conditioner doesn't create cold air. That's impossible. What it really does is take heat out of the air inside your home. For heating, a heat pump takes heat from outside and pulls it inside. This is fine and easy to do at 'relatively' warm temperatures.

The downside is that the less heat there is outside, the harder the heat pump has to work. Traditionally, heat pumps have not been very effective heating units when the outside temperature drops below freezing. They start losing efficiency very rapidly, then freeze up, and have to go into defrost mode. When that happens, you aren't getting any heat.

Which has always been a big obstacle for homeowners in cold climates. A heat pump would be useful to them for certain parts of the year, but in real winter you need a furnace.

The MrCool Universal changes this equation.

Real Cold Weather Heat from a MrCool Universal Heat Pump

Unlike traditional heat pumps, the MrCool Universal can heat effectively below freezing. It can even heat effectively below zero, and keep heating effectively down into negative double digits. It can keep a 1500 sf house at 70 degrees in -20 and below. Most homeowners in the United States are not going to have to worry about temperatures that cold. Which means that the MrCool Universal can be an effective heating and cooling system for the vast majority of US households.

No gas. No propane. And no problem with the MrCool Universal.

MrCool Universal Features

Aside from its ground-breaking heating capability, the MrCool Universal has other great features:

  • Sophisticated DC inverter compressor
  • Intelligent internal control system
  • Cooling up to 110 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Heating down to -25
  • Auto-reset internal overload protector
  • Direct drive fan motor
  • Inner groove copper tube and aluminum fin
  • Gold Fin corrosion resistance
  • Auto-defrost
  • Compact footprint and a shallow silhouette

MrCool Universal Quick Connect Pre-Charged Line Set

One optional tool for the MrCool Universal is the MrCool Universal Quick Connect Pre-Charged Line Set. So, what does that mean?

A standard heat pump split system is installed with flare fitting line sets. A technician runs the copper refrigerant lines from the air handler to the condenser. They flare the fittings, vacuum to remove all the burrings, charge with nitrogen to check for leaks, vacuum out the nitrogen, then, finally, charge with the appropriate refrigerant.

It is a time consuming, but necessary process, for traditional flare fittings.

The MrCool Quick Connect Pre-Charged Line Set eliminates virtually all of those steps. The Pre-Charged No-Vac lines plug in quickly and easily. You don't have to flare them, vacuum them, charge with nitrogen, vacuum again, or charge with refrigerant. They come 100% pre-charged from the factory with the appropriate amount of R-410a refrigerant.


Because time is money, and the HVAC world is busier than ever before. Saving time and simplifying installation make everyone's life easier.

Plus, the Quick Connect Pre-Charged line set for the MrCool Universal is entirely optional. Homeowners who want a more traditional installation can get exactly that. But the flexibility is always there to be used if needed.

Overall Benefits of the MrCool Universal

The MrCool Universal is an 18 SEER heat pump that can cool and heat effectively in virtually any climate conditions in the United States. Places with extreme cold temperatures that reach below -25 on a regular basis may want supplemental heat. However, for the rest of us in the vast majority of the country, the MrCool Universal could be the only heating source we need all winter long.

This means that if you live out in the country and have to use propane, you can replace your propane furnace and tank with a MrCool Universal. If you just want to get off natural gas, get a MrCool Universal. Basically, if you want an all electric and high efficiency home comfort system, get a MrCool Universal.

What Are Your Thoughts?

Do you have questions or comments about the MrCool Universal? Let us know in the comments below!

Check out the MrCool Universal Heat Pump here.

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  • Thomas Anderson
    Thomas Anderson
    Posted on 3/3/2020

    I use oil for heating my 1200 sq ft home. I’m in zone 7 and rarely get down to 0 F in the winter. I love the idea of getting rid of the oil furnace, tank and maintenance. The Mr Cool universal sounds great ! My concern is operating cost. I’m in Connecticut where we pay 22 cents/ kWh ! Am I going to save money versus oil when I switch to the Mr cool universal.

    Thanks, Tom

  • Kyle
    Kyle from Ingrams
    Posted on 3/4/2020

    The Universal we have installed in Grand Forks used about 2500 kWh for the month of January. So, whether or not you will save depends on how much you're paying for fuel oil.

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