Spotlight: MrCool Air Conditioner Condenser

mrcool air conditioner condenser
A new MrCool air conditioner condenser from the Signature Series line could be the HVAC tool you need to maximize your home air comfort. But what is it that makes a MrCool air conditioner condenser such a great choice? What sets it apart?

What Makes a MrCool Air Conditioner Condenser Better?

Why should you invest your hard earned dollars in a MrCool air conditioner condenser as opposed to any other AC unit? The best way to answer that question is with another question: if you could buy 16 SEER energy efficiency at a 14 SEER price, why wouldn't you? With the right MrCool Signature Series system, that is exactly what you can do. The right match up between a MrCool air conditioner condenser and air handler can deliver 16 SEER performance for basically the same price as a 14 SEER product of other leading brands. This isn't an exaggeration. Right now we have a 3 Ton 14 SEER Goodman central air conditioner split system very reasonably priced. Which is a good deal, sure. But you can get a 3 Ton 16 SEER MrCool Signature Series central air conditioner split system for just a tiny bit more. A piddly price difference will get you a MrCool air conditioner condenser and air handler that will deliver 16 SEER performance all summer long for years to come. And how much difference will that SEER performance make?

16 SEER MrCool Air Conditioner Condenser Cost Savings

Roughly speaking, for every $100 you spend on air conditioning, 16 SEER compared to 14 SEER would save you about $13. Folks who live in hot and humid climates can spend hundreds or thousands every year keeping their home cool. Many will make back that small-dollar-difference in the first year (or less). And every year after that their MrCool air conditioner condenser runs, they're saving real money. Plus, great features like CoolGuard corrosion protection, full metal louvered construction, and a coil that is factory tested to ensure leak-proof construction mean they'll get those savings for a long time to come.

What Are Your Thoughts?

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Pamela McNeill
I just would like to know the price of a heat pump replacement. 2 1/2 ton without having to give my personal info.
We have a lot of 2.5 ton heat pumps. You can call us at 270-575-9595.
Mr. Cool's condenser coils are aluminum Goodman condenser clothes are copper This difference should add to the lower cost of Mr. Cool?
The Goodman coils were once copper with an aluminum coating. They are now being made all aluminum as per the Goodman specification manuals.
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