Spotlight: Vogelzang Defender Wood Stove

The Vogelzang Defender is an affordable and attractive wood stove. It is very popular among homeowners who want to add a rustic centerpiece to their home. You may be wondering if this wood stove is the right choice for your home. Hopefully, this in depth look at the Vogelzang Defender will help you decide if its a good fit for your lifestyle.

Why Install a Wood Stove?

Obviously, a wood stove is an old fashioned heating technology. Virtually no one in America has to burn wood to stay warm anymore. Some people may do so for personal reasons, but gas furnaces are available in every state. As you might expect, using a gas furnace to heat your home in winter requires a lot less hard work than a wood stove. After all, somebody has to chop that wood.

But, of course, the cost and simplicity is not what people look for in a wood stove. When it comes to a stove like the Vogelzang Defender, homeowners are buying for aesthetics and rustic charm more than anything else. A sturdy wood stove simply looks good with the right home decor.

And there is the economic aspect to consider. Depending on where you live, you may very well be able to go outdoors and chop your own wood. This is an inexpensive way to heat some or all of your home. It's not easy, obviously. But chopping and splitting your own firewood is great exercise, and can save you money.

So, for some people, spending on a wood stove like a Vogelzang Defender makes a lot of sense.

Vogelzang Defender Wood Stove Key Features

What is it that makes the Vogelzang Defender wood stove such a popular option?

First, the Vogelzang Defender is an attractive wood stove. It looks nice. When you're buying mainly for aesthetics, this is a really important consideration. You don't want an ugly, mismatched stove in your living room. You want a centerpiece that draws the eye. The Vogelzang Defender is made of plate steel with a charcoal black finish and a nickel-pewter trim.

Another great feature of the Vogelzang Defender is the ability to watch the fire working. This wood stove has an air washed ceramic glass plate in the center of its cast iron door. It provides a great view of the dancing flames. And that is the whole point, right? Why buy a wood stove so you can watch the fire when you can't, y'know, watch the fire.

But, the Vogelzang Defender isn't just for looking good. This stove can actually put out a good amount of heat. Properly installed, it can produce up to 68,000 BTUs. That's nothing to sneeze at. Plus, the included blower means that heat can be effectively distributed throughout the environment. In a warmer environment like southern Georgia, that amount of BTUs could heat a space roughly twice as large.

What we're saying is that the Vogelzang Defender wood stove has it where it counts.

How Much Heat is 68k BTUs?

It can be difficult to get your head around numbers in the abstract. 68,000 BTUs sounds like a lot, but what does that mean in practice? For example, let's say you have a 1000 square foot home in upstate Vermont. In many cases, 68K BTUs would be more than sufficient to get a home that size comfortably through the winter months.

Can a Wood Stove Be Efficient?

We always talk a lot about energy efficiency when it comes to things like air conditioners and furnaces. But can a wood stove like the Vogelzang Defender be efficient? Is that even a term that applies to wood burning stoves?

Yes, it can be efficient and it is.

The Vogelzang Defender uses a very sophisticated stove design. On the face of the stove, a primary air inlet allows air flow to feed the flames to begin the burning process. Next, a subsidiary air inlet opposite the primary inlet allows the stove to maintain an even air supply to the top of the burn cavity. This design means that the wood can burn simultaneously on the top and bottom to maximize fuel consumption. It is also a technique that the EPA rates as over 75% efficient.

Vogelzang Defender Wood Stove Dimensions

The Vogelzang Defender is not a small wood stove. This is a fairly hefty appliance. It weighs in at 225 lbs. It is 28 inches tall, 23.5 inches wide, and over 20 inches deep. The fire box can accommodate logs up to 17 inches long. Basically, the Vogelzang Defender is an imposing presence that is sure to impress.

Vogelzang Defender Fuel Source

As mentioned, the Vogelzang Defender is a wood burning stove that can handle wood. That's what it is designed to do. Ideally you want dry, seasoned hardwood. You can use softwoods, but it will result in higher emissions and lower efficiencies.

There are also a lot of other things you shouldn't burn according to Vogelzang:

  • Garbage. Seriously, that's breaking about a dozen federal laws.
  • Grass clippings, sticks, and other yard waste. There are much better ways to dispose of this stuff.
  • Rubber of any kind. And that includes tires. I feel like we shouldn't have to mention this, but better safe than sorry.
  • Any kind of plastic. That includes cups, plates, toys, and sporks.
  • Old paint, paint thinner, oil, or other petroleum products. I'm not sure why you would, but just don't. Plus, the fumes would be toxic.
  • Asbestos. How would you even burn asbestos? Why would you think asbestos could burn?
  • Demolition and construction debris. Seriously, who would bring home construction debris and try to burn it in their wood stove? Some people need a hobby.
  • Railroad ties. First, if you planned to do this, stop stealing old railroad ties. Because it's weird.
  • Manure or animal remains. The Vogelzang Defender is not an approved product for pet cremation.
  • Paper, cardboard, particleboard, pressure-treated wood, and plywood. Though you can use products specifically intended as fire starters.

Want to Know More about the Vogelzang Defender Wood Stove?

Check out the Vogelzange Defender Wood Stove for more information. You can also ask us your question in the comments below.

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