What Is The Best Furnace Replacement Option? - Ask the Expert Episode 228

Today's question comes from Jordan. "Hey Dan, I live in a 4,000 square foot house, which we are restoring. Right now it has two furnaces, one upstairs and one on the first floor. What is the best furnace replacement option for them?"

Well, you could always replace old furnaces with new furnaces. You can't beat that tried and true method as a furnace replacement option. If it's an older furnace then they might not even be 80 percent AFUE, so you could always get new ones. You can get high AFUE furnaces and it will be energy efficient and you will still get good heat. You could also probably replace them with a boiler. Depending on where you are in the country, there might be a good boiler person in your town.

Alternatively, we've got new DC inverter systems like the MrCool Universal Central Heat Pump. With its proven ability to still heat at temperatures down to -22 degrees, it is a great furnace replacement option. Bosch also sells a DC inverter system. At the end of the day you could just do a normal heat pump with a furnace.

Really, your best option is going to depend on where you live, right? If you live in the northern part of the United States like Wisconsin or Maine, then I would recommend you stay with a furnace because you're going to need that heat in the winter. If you're more in the middle of the country, I would switch over to a new DC inverter heat pump.

Another thing to consider: are you near natural gas lines? That can certainly be a factor. If not, if you're in more rural areas with no access to natural gas, you will have to use propane. That might make you want to do a furnace less. That makes a heat pump look even better! Or maybe you love the smell of propane. Maybe you go to the propane tank out back and sniff around in the morning to wake yourself up. It's like a cup of coffee, but it's propane.

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  • Walter & Lis
    Walter & Lis
    Posted on 9/10/2020

    Hi Dan Dan! Tell me, can we use a fan with water and ice to cool a man or woman on a hot day in Jan-uary. Or does that, theoretically, sound like the worst idea that has ever been thought of? We are inquiring because we think your thinking is very interesting and would do good educating even the most ignorating individuals. Bless you p.s. we love your accent! Love, Drs.Seuss a.k.a. Walter & Lis.

  • Dan Danowski
    Dan Danowski from Ingrams
    Posted on 9/11/2020

    Well, Walter & Lis, that depends on where you are in January! If you're in Minnesota, yes, it's a terrible idea. If you're in the Sahara, no.

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