What is the Best Refrigerant for a Dehumidifier? - Ask the Expert Episode 202

For today's question, Bruce asks, "Hey Dan, what is the best refrigerant for a dehumidifier? And which one will prolong the appliance's lifespan? R134A or R410A? I heard one of them runs cooler than the other and prolongs the life of the dehumidifier. Is that true? If you had to buy a new humidifier, which refrigerant would you choose for longevity? Thanks."

Most people in the industry consider R134A to be a better refrigerant for a dehumidifier, so I guess if I had to pick one I would probably pick that one.

When it comes to refrigerant, the physical properties of the refrigerant are going to determine at what temperatures it's going to work best. Also, you can't change R410A and R134A. So, if you have a unit with R410A or if you've got R134A, you can't mix those together. So, don't try that.

Can I Use R410a and R22 Refrigerant Together?

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  • hugfh willis
    hugfh willis
    Posted on 3/18/2020

    They don't build 'em like they used to.
    At temperatures above 70 degrees (F) my "Energy Star" 50 pint/day Frigidaire works just fine in my sealed/conditioned basement/crawlspace to keep the dewpoint below 52 degrees and prevent mold and mildew, along with preventing moisture condensation on the a/c ducts.
    However, in winter, (temp ranging between 65 and 69) my 35 year old R-12 / 25 ppd dehumidifier works far better to keep the RH below 50%. That's dry enough to prevent rust, which is more of a problem in wintertime than mold.
    Amazing that it still runs on its original charge - in comparison, I've had three new Energy Star Frigidaires perform well at first, but fail within a year because of slow refrigerant leaks.

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