Bonus Room above the Garage, Will the MrCool DIY Work? Ask the Expert 382

Will the MrCool DIY work in a bonus room above a garage?

Dan, her bonus room seems pretty high since it's above a garage? Will the MrCool DIY work? What are some things to consider? The MrCool DIY systems are designed to handle diverse environments. Making that bonus room your new favorite "chill" spot! First off, why MrCool? Precision Cooling - MrCool Units boast the power to bring optimal comfort to your bonus room. Ensuring you stay cool even in the warmest weather. Energy Efficiency - No more high energy bills! MrCool combines powerful cooling with energy efficiency, keeping you comfortable without breaking the bank.

Now here's the real answer!

The Line Set! The reason why she chose MrCool is because of the line sets. Connecting the indoor and outdoor components seamlessly. For bonus rooms above garages, MrCool line set extensions can be a game-changer. Flexible configurations - Need a longer reach? No problem! Our line set extensions, including the ability to connect two 16' lines, offer flexibility. Tailors the system to your unique space. Proper installation, including the right length and insulation, ensures peak performance in your bonus retreat!
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I love this guy.
Shannon Truelove
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