Can I Get a Wall Bracket for a Ductless Mini Split? - Ask the Expert Episode 158

A wall bracket allows your ductless mini split condenser to attach to an outside wall rather than leaving it to sit on the ground. There are a lot of reasons it is a good idea to mount the condenser for your mini split system on a wall outside rather than letting it sit on the ground.

Video Script

Today's question comes from Doug. He asks: "Is there a wall bracket that would allow a ductless mini split heat pump to be hung on the wall outside?"

The answer? Yes! There is. What he is talking about is the condenser for the mini split heat pump that is rectangular and sits outside. There are two ways you can mount those. The one that most people do is just use a base pad, which is usually just a plastic pad for the condenser to sit on. This could also just be a simple concrete pad.

The other thing you can do is put the ductless condenser on a wall bracket. We sell a ductless wall bracket for various sized units. You just drill and screw them into the wall and set the condenser on it. That is good if you want to put a mini split on the second floor and you do not want to put the condenser on the ground. You can install a ductless wall bracket and put it high up on the wall.

A ductless wall bracket is also good if you live in an area where you get a lot of snow and you do not want snow piling up around the condenser. You can just lift it off the ground so the snow does not get around it. A ductless wall bracket also makes mowing more convenient, so you do not have to mow or weed eat around the condenser, giving you better access to the ground under the condenser. Or you could just plant flowers under it. It's really whatever you want to do with it!

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