How To Change A MrCool Mini Split Condenser Control Board

If an error code shows on your MRCOOL air handler, the culprit could possibly be an issue with one of the unit's control boards. In this video we're going show you how to replace a control board in a MRCOOL Mini Split condenser.

You should contact MRCOOL's warranty department first to make sure this is the route you need to take for your MrCool mini split condenser.

Before getting inside the condenser, you will want to make sure that the power is turned off from the main power source at the disconnect box. Then you can gently remove the cover from the top of the condenser. To the right, you will see a black control board cover. Remove the screws from the cover. Note that different sized units may have more screws than seen in this video.

Gently pull up the cover to reveal wires and plugs that are connected to the control board. You may begin removing plugs from the control board. The plugs are different sizes, so remembering where they go on your control board won't be an issue. Remove the protective plate. Then remove the heat shield. You will need to remember where the two blue reactor wires are located after removing them. Next, remove the capacitor.

After you have called MRCOOL and gotten your board replacement, plug everything back in, starting with the reactor plugs. Now that the new control board is in your MrCool mini split condenser, there should no longer be an error code. For any questions, contact MRCOOL Support.

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