Can I Have a High Iron Count in an Open Loop Geothermal System? - Ask the Expert Episode 232

Today's question comes from Steve. "Hey Dan, we're buying a house with an open loop geothermal system, but the water is very high in iron. Can anything be done about it or should we reconsider?"

So, typically a manufacturer is going to say they don't want anything more than one part per million (PPM) going through the open loop geothermal system. Some might even say you need less than that, so if there is more than one PPM going through the water that's going to be a problem. You probably shouldn't have an open loop geothermal system.

You could probably have a closed loop because it doesn't matter, you aren't using ground water. The water quality doesn't play a role. You can get a water analysis done to make sure.

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    Posted on 10/7/2020

    Why? What effect does a high iron content have on the system?

  • Dan Danowski
    Dan Danowski from Ingrams
    Posted on 10/8/2020

    Impurities like iron can eventually clog a return well.

  • Naseem Aziz
    Naseem Aziz
    Posted on 10/6/2020

    Try installing a plate heat exchanger between the ground water loop and the cooling/heating water loop. Or consult a water treatment expert.

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