MrCool Ductless Mini Split Condenser Wall Mounting Kit

The MRCOOL ductless mini split condenser wall mounting kit is an excellent addition to your MRCOOL Ductless Mini Split System.

The wall mounting kit elevates the condenser off the ground to keep it away from dirt, debris, and pests. This is also a great option if you're installing a MRCOOL ductless mini split air handler in a second or third story room and you need the condenser closer to the unit.

The wall mounting kit comes in two sizes. The small size mini split wall mounting kit fits the MrCool 9k BTU Advantage mini split system, and the MrCool 12K and 18K DIY Ductless Mini Split System, and can support up to 176 pounds.

The larger size mini split wall mounting kit can hold up to 440 pounds and is suitable for the MrCool 24K and 36K BTU ductless mini split systems. The bracket is also compatible with other ductless products.

The MrCool ductless mini split wall mounting kit is easy to install, looks great, and can be attached to almost any home exterior.

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