What’s the Difference Between a MRCOOL DIY and Other Mini Splits? - Ask the Expert Episode 146

There are a lot of mini splits on the market, but few of them are Do-It-Yourself like the MRCOOL DIY Ductless Mini Split.

Video Script:

Today's question is from Jason. "Hey Dan, what's the difference between the MRCOOL DIY and other ductless mini split heat pumps?"

The MRCOOL DIY is made to be easier to install than regular mini splits. The way they do that is they use pre-charged line sets. When you get it in the mail, the line set is already going to be connected to the air handler and the refrigerant is already charged and pre-vacuumed. It's got valves in the end of the line set and you just plug those into the condenser.

They're not just for non-HVAC techs. There are some experienced HVAC people that buy from us and they like them because they're really fast to install. They can put in three or four mini splits per day.

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