Do I Need Permits For HVAC Installs? - Ask The Expert Episode 303

Always call your local code enforcement to make sure before you do anything.

Are There Tax Rebates For New HVAC installs? - Ask The Expert Episode 302

Check with your local utility company, or even federally to see what incentives might be available to you.

What Is The Best HVAC System For Me? - Ask The Expert Episode 301

If you aren't sure, then ask an expert what system they thing will work best for your specific needs.

Should I Care About My Indoor Air Quality? - Ask The Expert Episode 300

You should be aware of your indoor air quality, and take steps to keep it clean.

How Do I Deal With Static From My AC Unit? - Ask The Expert Episode 299

wipe your unit with a damp clothe, or get a humidifier. If you still have issues then you need to get someone to look at it.

Is There A Line Set That's Best? - Ask The Expert Episode 298

If you are a pro HVAC guy, then flared line sets are best for you. But DIY is best for those setting it up themselves.

Can I Mix Brand Units Together? - Ask The Expert Episode 297

It's possible, but it will be a bad idea. Don't do it unless you have to.

Is 95ft Too Long For A Line Set To Run? - Ask The Expert Episode 296

It might work, but it would be better(and possibly cheaper) to just get a separate unit to use a shorter line set.

Can I Use A Mirror To Defrost My Condenser? - Ask The Expert Episode 295

Can mirrors help speed up the defrost cycle on your condenser? Possibly, but not sure because we've never tried it.

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