When is the best time to perform HVAC Maintenance? - Ask the Expert 346

The Expert answers the question: When is the Best Time to Perform HVAC Maintenance?

How often should I change my A.C. Air Filter? - Ask the Expert 345

Today the expert answers the question "how often should I change my A.C. Air Filter?"

When should I clean my A.C. unit's outdoor condenser? - Ask the Expert 344

When should I clean the outdoor condenser of my air conditioning unit?

Does it matter where I put my space heater? - Ask the Expert 343

The expert goes over space heater placement and why it's important.

Are space heaters safe or dangerous? - Ask the Expert 342

Here's some steps to make sure that your space heater is running safely.

Are space heaters expensive to run? - Ask the Experts 341

Today's question is about space heaters. Are they expensive to run? The Expert gets to the bottom of it!

What is a space heater? - Ask The Experts 340

Today I talk about the four types of space heaters, and do my darndest not to bring up the ice fishing fiasco of 1994.

Do I need vented or ventless gas logs? - Ask the Experts 339

How do I know if I should get vented or ventless gas logs? The expert's on the job!

Can I put gas logs into an existing fireplace? - Ask the Experts 338

Can I put gas logs into an existing fireplace? That's a great question and the expert is here to answer it!

Can I start my gas log fireplace myself without a professional? - Ask the Expert 337

Today's question is about a gas log fireplace and whether this viewer can turn theirs on without needing a professional. The expert is on the case!

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