What Climates Benefit Most From A Geothermal Heat Pump?

Because subsurface temperatures remain mostly constant despite the season, most parts of the world can effectively install and utilize geothermal heat pumps. Of course, there are always regions with specific qualities that will make a geothermal heat pump more or less attractive depending upon the circumstances. So, what climate would benefit most from a geothermal heat pump?

Geothermal Heat Pump in Tropical Regions

Tropical regions are right out the window! While a geothermal heat pump in a hot climate would not be a bad thing, in most cases, people who live in areas with hot summers and very mild winters will not get maximum benefit. They can use air-source heat pumps and not have to worry about the units freezing over in winter. Also, geothermal heat pumps are most efficient when there is substantial groundwater and in some tropical regions water-rights and subsurface water management is a major issue. In Costa Rica, for example, there is a moratorium on new well construction. This would make any geothermal heat pump there less efficient than it could possibly be and make a cheaper air-source heat pump that much more attractive.

Geothermal Heat Pump in Extreme Cold Climates

However, a geothermal heat pump is an ideal choice for a region with very cold winters, since the subsurface temperature, as noted earlier, rarely changes no matter the extreme weather condition outside the home. That means any location in the northern United States that gets a lot of snowfall or ice can get solid heating through the winter much more cheaply than with a typical fossil fuel furnace. At the same time they can also depend upon the ready cooling power during summers, which can get hot anywhere in the country.

Geothermal Heat Pump in High Energy Cost Area

But, the very best climate for a geothermal heat pump is an area with high energy prices. Geothermal heat pumps, wherever they are located, require much less energy to heat and cool than traditional systems. That means even if you live in an area with a mild climate, like southern California, but have very high energy costs, a geothermal heat pump is ideal for you. You get heating and cooling and, most importantly, a lot of saved money on energy you don’t have to buy every month.

So, before you decide what home HVAC system to install, think about your local weather conditions, but, most importantly, think about how much you are spending every month on your electric bill and then think about how much geothermal heat pumps could save you.

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  • Will Pereira
    Will Pereira
    Posted on 5/25/2020

    Hi I am only looking to use Geothermal for cooling. I am considering a system of such in Costa Rica. I am originally from Canada and the system was very efficient in cooling. Can you please assist? If wet ground is difficult to find, would the system not work there?

  • Kyle
    Kyle from Ingrams
    Posted on 5/26/2020

    We can definitely help you find the right geothermal system for you. They are definitely very efficient cooling systems. A closed loop geothermal system can work regardless of the presence of groundwater.

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