How to Get Amazing Geothermal Heat Pump Rebates

You want a geothermal heat pump, but, let's face it, they aren't the cheapest thing in the world. You know there are supposed to be lots of great incentives and rebates for them. But how do you find those? Fortunately, finding the absolute best geothermal heat pump rebates to save money on both purchase and installation is much easier than you think.

Getting the Best Geothermal Heat Pump Rebates

You've recently invested in a high efficiency geothermal heat pump and you've heard all about the rebate incentives you can get for these wonderful HVAC systems. So, how do you make sure you get the best geothermal heat pump rebates possible?

We recommend DSIRE!

Which is the Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency. Run by the North Carolina Clean Energy Technology Center, DSIRE is the best place to find local energy efficiency incentives of which you can take advantage. It is totally free, and won't cost you a dime.

Plus, it is easy to use.

Lookup Geothermal Heat Pump Rebates With DSIRE

Looking up geothermal heat pump rebates that you can apply for is really easy. Basically, you go to the DSIRE website, and click the state in which you live.

Now, depending on the state, you might have a LOT of incentives to choose from. For example, North Dakota currently has 31 listed programs. California has 218. So, yeah. That's a lot.

Supposing that you live in California, you probably don't want to pore over 218 incentive programs just to find the ones you can use. And we don't blame you.

Which is why you should use DSIRE's "Apply Filter" option. It's the icon on the right side of the page after you click on your state. Click on it, then click on "Coverage Area", then "Zip Code". Type in your zip code in the "Search All Zip Codes" section, and click "Apply Filters". Then you'll only see the listings that apply specifically to where your home is located.

Example Geothermal Heat Pump Rebates

When I go to California and put in zip code 90005, my options go down from 218 programs to 50 that I might be eligible for. By default, the programs are listed by the most recent update. Those are the programs you'll most likely be able to use.

Right off the bat I see the Marin County Residential Rebate Program. They're offering incentives for people who replace gas appliances with electric ones. They list an incentive of $4,500 for a "central heat pump". Now all I have to do is click on the easy link to the program website to see if I can apply.

And, of course, that's not the only one. There are a couple programs that look like they might offer geothermal heat pump rebates. If I wanted I could even filter the results by technology (geothermal heat pumps), date of implementation, program type, and more.

The moral of the story is, if you're looking for geothermal heat pump rebates, make sure you check out DSIRE.

More Questions About Geothermal Heat Pump Rebates & Incentives?

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