The Manual J Calculation & World Domination

You want to conquer the world, right? Sure, who doesn't? But no matter how much you know about blackmailing national governments or building needlessly complicated super weapons, it is still important to understand more mundane matters.  Central heating and air conditioning for example. You need to stay comfortable while planning your nefarious schemes, but what size air conditioner does one buy for a secret island lair or mysterious high-rise penthouse? Don't worry, a Manual J Calculation can tell you exactly what you need.

Did You Over-Size the A/C in the Death Ray Development Lab?

One big mistake many aspiring villains make is investing in an over-sized HVAC system for their very first evil lair. Bigger is always better, right?

Maybe when it comes to Giant Death Robots, but not with your heating and air conditioning system. An improperly sized installation, even one too big, will provide inferior air comfort and waste energy. As an evil villain, you probably aren't overly concerned with the environment, but, remember, wasted energy costs you money. And that affects how many spare henchmen you can afford to keep on hand in the slow season.

Manual J Calculation

Ensure your HVAC system is properly sized by having a trained professional conduct a Manual J Calculation on your secret lair. A properly conducted Manual J Calculation will tell you exactly what size you need to keep your facilities as cool or warm as you want them. You won't have to worry about the interrogation chamber feeling clammy or there being a tad too much humidity in the Dangerous Animal Containment Pit. Best of all, a properly sized HVAC system will keep your costs down and what enterprising mastermind wouldn't want that?

More Questions About Heat Load Calculation?

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