Don't Wait, Upgrade Home Energy Efficiency Now

Like any other complex system, your home is made up of a lot of different parts. One big part is the heating, ventilating and air conditioning system. Not only will your HVAC system keep you comfortable in all weather conditions, but it is most likely the biggest energy consumer in your life. As such, when you pay your electric bill you're mainly paying for heating and cooling. is your home energy efficiency?

Energy Prices Aren't Getting Any Lower

So, why upgrade now? You may have seen recent news reports about America approaching energy independence by 2020 or 2030. This is true. America may largely be energy independent by 2030 at the latest.

That doesn't actually mean energy prices are going to go down for the average consumer.

The primary driver pushing America to reduce its energy imports and increase domestic production is due, counter-intuitively, to increased prices and demand. As energy prices rise, resource areas previously considered too expensive to develop, oil shale fields for example, become cost effective and lucrative. Meanwhile, consumer energy prices either remain stable or increase. The only relief you're likely to get in the next two decades on your utility bill is via energy efficiency and not market fluctuation.

Plus, globally high energy prices mean it can be highly lucrative for American producers to export natural gas rather than dumping it into the domestic market. Which doesn't do anything to help you.

Improve Home Energy Efficiency Now for the Long Term

As we said before, your home HVAC system is most likely the biggest consumer in your home. Heating and cooling are both very energy intensive. Which means the cheaper you can make those processes, you will save more than doing virtually anything else. Yes, turning off lights and computers decreases consumption, but those pale in comparison to the average air conditioner.

So, what can you do?

Our best advice is to invest in efficiency now. The government requires most Americans to install a 14 SEER or better system. That is more efficient than your old system, but there is better available. We recommend as high a a SEER rating as possible. A higher efficiency furnace is a great choice too.

Yes, higher efficiency is more expensive right now. But would you rather spend less now and have higher energy bills over the next 15 years, or spend a little more today to save for the same period?

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