The Importance of Annual HVAC Maintenance

You change your air filter regularly, right? Of course, you do. You know that is the most important thing you can do to keep your central heating and air conditioning system running efficiently for years to come. But you also have annual HVAC maintenance scheduled too, right?


Annual HVAC Maintenance is Important!

You would never dump money into a barrel and burn it. That would be crazy. So, why would you waste money by not having annual HVAC maintenance conducted? Keeping your HVAC unit operating long term has everything to do with how well you take care of it. Neglecting annual HVAC maintenance practically guarantees your system will fail years before the end of its anticipated lifespan.

Inspect Your Ductwork

When we talk about an annual HVAC inspection, what do we mean?

The first thing is an inspection of your vents and ducts to make sure they're not damaged, clogged or broken. Major cracks, breaks, or obstructions in your duct work will not only worsen air comfort, but can also decrease efficiency and cost you money. Basically, a broken vent or duct will be a major waste of energy. The best way to find these issues is with an annual HVAC inspection.

Inspect Your Air Conditioner or Furnace

Second, we recommend you get your air conditioner inspected before summer and your furnace inspected before winter. Why is that?

If you had left your car sitting in the garage for months, you would probably check it out to make sure it's still working before you leave on a cross-country road trip. The same is true of your air conditioner and furnace. For many homeowners, these systems don't operate at all for many months in the year. Annual HVAC maintenance will check out your units before you need them to ensure they get you through the most miserable summer heat or extreme winter chill.

Plus, annual HVAC maintenance can save you money! Yep, it really can. When it comes to air conditioning, dirty coils can reduce efficiency. Reduced efficiency costs you money. Cleaning the coils is a regular part of most annual inspections. That ensures your air conditioning is running at its peak efficiency when summer is at its most intense.

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