Top Mini Split Brands Breakdown

In the market for a new mini split, but have questions about top mini split brands? We can help with that. Here is an overview of some of the top mini split brands on the market today. Plus, we give you our notes about what makes each brand stand out.  When it comes time to choose the right product for your home, you should have as much information as possible.

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Mitsubishi Mini Splits

Mitsubishi is universally considered one of the top mini split brands in the country. The company has a well-established name in the market, and an extensive installer base.

Mitsubishi mini-split products have an excellent maintenance track record. Plus, since they are so pervasive in the market, it’s not hard to find parts or service technicians with plenty of experience working on them. In addition to 12-year warranties, these units rarely break down, provided they are maintained properly.

Reviewers in colder climates have noted that Mitsubishi Hyper Heat units delivers reliable, efficient heat. The hot-start technology available on some models can save on energy costs. It waits for the indoor cooler to heat up before the blower starts. While the unit runs, a 3D i-see sensor determines the hot and cold spots in the room in order to efficiently direct warm or cool air to where they’re needed most. All units can be operated via an app that will allow you to manage multiple zones.

While Mitsubishi has no major mechanical and functional drawbacks, it doesn't have everything. There are limited options for unit design, color, and placement when compared to other top mini split brands. Although maintenance tends to be minimal for Mitsubishi units, they will need to be professionally installed. That is an expense that can add up quickly if you require more than one unit in your home or office.

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MrCool DIY Mini Splits

MrCool’s third generation DIY heat pump air conditioner mini split system offers many of the energy saving benefits and rebates that you’ll find in leading brands such as Mitsubishi. Yet, it adds additional savings since a MrCool DIY unit comes complete with all of the installation equipment that’s required.

The MR COOL DIY name isn’t clever marketing aimed at handy-man hopefuls. It’s actually designed to be installed by amateurs who have no HVAC background. This legitimately one of the easiest ductless mini-splits on the market to install. Provided you have the right tools for the job, a DIY has included everything for you, such as high quality pre-charged flexible coolant lines. There’s no guesswork throughout the install process, and those savings on installation costs can put this unit right at the top of a cost-conscious family’s Buy list.

The new SmartHVAC Wi-Fi control module connects with a smartphone app for efficient system management wherever you are. It also connects with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. This efficiency is further improved through a DC inverter and variable speed compressor technology that lowers operating costs. In addition to being corrosion resistant for challenging outdoor locations, the MrCool DIY detects leaks with its refrigerant detection system. Which all makes MrCool a top contender on our top mini split brands list.

Now, there are other MrCool ductless mini-splits that are not DIY. They're reliable and effective products, but they're definitely not as clever as the DIY. That is really the MrCool flagship, and the MrCool product most worth the money in our opinion. So if you want to install your ductless mini-split yourself, get the MrCool DIY. It's the easiest to install, and the only mini split on the market with a warranty that allows for amateur installation.

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LG Mini Splits

No top mini split brands list would be complete without mentioning LG. While LG lacks the reputation of higher end units like Mitsubishi or the simplicity of a MrCool DIY, it does offer homeowners a budget-friendly option. LG has enough market saturation that repairs and parts should be easy to figure out,. It's also easy to find an HVAC pro that installs LG equipment.

Nevertheless, while reviewers generally note that an LG unit can heat and cool a home quite efficiently, many note the noisy compressor. That may be a relative issue from one homeowner to another, but it crops up again and again in reviews and customer feedback. If you're looking for maximum home quiet, you may want to keep looking.

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Daikin Mini Splits

Many Americans have not heard of Daikin, but it is the largest air conditioning manufacturer on the planet. They own a large number of brands, and have a huge inventory of products. Since they're in this top mini split brands guide, you can be sure that they also make ductless HVAC.

What do we like about Daikin mini splits? First, they have a huge amount of variety. Their mini splits are sold all over the world, so the inventory is vast. No matter the application, you can find a Daikin mini split that will do the job. They're quality products. Plus, even though you've probably never heard of Daikin, your local HVAC guy probably has.

The downside? Daikin sells quality and they put on the price tag to show it. These are definitely not the cheapest systems on the market. They are quite good ones though.

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Gree Mini Splits

Gree is another huge brand outside the United States. In fact, Gree is one of the top HVAC manufacturers in the word, and larger than most US air conditioner companies with names like Trane, Rheem, Ruud, and so forth. Gree makes all manner of HVAC products, but of course they didn't make the top mini split brands list for their furnaces.

In the US market, Gree mini splits tend to be economy focused regardless of the efficiency performance. They have low cost models that will be brands like Daikin and Mitsubishi. On the flip side, there are fewer contractors nationally with experience installing Gree ductless products. And they're definitely not built for do-it-yourself. While Gree units are not particularly more complex to install than any other mini-split, they still require the traditional tools and training you would expect.

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Wrapping Up Our Top Mini Split Brands Review

We hope this overview will help you get started on what sets top mini split brands apart from the rest. Of course, there is always more to learn. Be sure that you know the range of features a unit offers before you buy. Mini splits can provide cooling, heating, dehumidifying, air filtration, and more or less depending on the model.

Those of you interested in taking things down the DIY route need to be even more discerning. Most top mini split brands are not designed for do-it-yourself installation. The installation of a consumer-friendly brand like MRCOOL are quite different from lower cost models that might come from Gree or LG.  Of course you can’t go wrong with a top notch, professionally installed model from Mitsubishi or Daikin, but you will certainly pay for it!

Finally, consider asking HVAC technicians in your area for what they recommend for your room size and climate. They’ll be able to tell you what they install, and repair, the most, giving you recommendations for a unit that will deliver reliable heating and cooling all year round.

Do you still have questions about top mini split brands?

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  • Isaac Kresek
    Isaac Kresek
    Posted on 6/8/2020

    I am suprised your article didn't include fujitsu minisplits, altho i know you cant include them all ! I have installed 100 + fujitsu systems, they are spendier than some but almost no repair problems. The low temp models put out rated btus at -15 degrees, not many can compare to that ! Other local installers seem to really like them as well.

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